Popularity Bedding Colour

Popularity Bedding Colour

As we continue to spend more time at home following the events of COVID-19, the bedroom has become a restorative area, a place of leisure and even where we work as well as sleep.

Colour and pattern have a major impact on the mood of interiors. With the bedroom growing in importance within the home, these factors become essential to convey a stimulating, calming and comforting feel in the surrounding space.

Nuanced neutrals will grow in importance as a way to bring warmth to soothing spaces. The Source is from cotton, linen and bamboo fibers in naturally off-white tones to update quality basics.


Pastel azure evokes calm but also conveys a sense of cleanliness, which is important for both residential and hospitality spaces. Renew existing plain dye ranges with solid color applications of cool blues to inspire users to update their bedroom with a soothing aesthetic. Pair this with crisp-white tones for added brightness.


Cocoon-like comfort infused into bedrooms with a palette of terracotta tones and earthy shades.

Organic cotton and linens are ideal for these matte-finish bedding items, with brushed surfaces and smooth-touch textiles adding extra perceived coziness.

Sun-baked pigments will remain key for A/W ranges and add an appealing warmth to bedding. Try minimalist pattern on bedding to create visual interest. Consider updating classic print designs, such as layered lines and grids, with these new hues to provide products with longevity.

Feature both plain dyed and quietly patterned options in two or three rich, warm shades that can be combined and interchanged for a more modern mix-match take on bed styling.


Diffused gradations of pastels, in particular, evoke an otherworldly look which inspired by virtual realities and consumers' increasingly digitally lives.

Bring a harmonious aesthetic to the bedroom by using ombré patterns that help calm the mind, featuring soft pastels that provide the perfect backdrop to a restful space.

Propose layerings of tonal shades for a relaxed bedtime retreat, as a lived-in look and a play on textures add to the overall coziness.


A palette of teal shades adds an element of decadence to bedrooms, while also tapping into the aquatic depth of the colour for a natural connection.

While the colour of 2022, A.I. Aqua, works well in smaller accents and trims, vibrant teal represents a more approachable way to bring a rich look to bedding ranges.


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