Discover the Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Quilt

Discover the Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Quilt

As the summer approaches, have you started to feel the discomfort of being awakened by the heat? Does your bedding fabric make your skin feel uneasy as the weather gets hotter? To ensure a good night's sleep, you need to stay cool at a temperature of approximately 19°C (66°F) while ensuring that sweat adhering to your beddings dries quickly and doesn't harbor bacteria.Enter bamboo fiber quilt, offering you a comfortable and high-quality slumber that aligns with sustainability.

  1. What is Bamboo Fiber?  
  2. Benefits of Using Bamboo Fiber Quilts
  3. How to Select the Ideal Bamboo Fiber Quilt?
  4. What ownkotingng Bamboo Fiber Quilt Features?

What is Bamboo Fiber?


Red Rose Woven Jacquard Reversible Quilt


Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulosic fiber produced from bamboo.It is softer than cotton and has a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk. There are three main manufacturing methods for bamboo fabric, which are bamboo viscose,lyocell-type bamboo fiber, and natural bamboo (bamboo linen). Viscose processing is hazardous to both workers and the environment alike. Chemicals are used to break down bamboo cellulose from the wood pulp using carbon disulphate.The lyocell method does not break down or change the cellulose structure of bamboo. Because the structure of the cellulose is not altered, the final fiber is natural and organic.

Benefits of Using Bamboo Fiber Bedding

When used in home textiles, bamboo fiber bedding naturally inherits the advantages of bamboo fiber.

Ginkgo Leaf Reversible Quilt

It's Cooling

Bamboo fiber bedding don't trap heat due to its micro-gaps. And bamboo fiber does not contain free electron and thus it is antistatic, so it fits very well next to the human skin but not clinging it. It's three degrees lower in temperature than other types of fabric.

It's Soft

Bamboo fibers are smooth under a microscope without any traces of roughness or distortion. Therefore, compared to wool and cotton products, bamboo fiber bedding is softer, and it will not lose its softness even after repeated washing.

Leaf Flower Jacquard Breathable Reversible Quilt

It's Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent named ‘bamboo kun’. This unique substance remains tightly bound to the bamboo cellulose molecule even in the finished bamboo fabric. Unlike cotton and other wood pulp-derived fibers, which can foster bacterial growth, bamboo fiber effectively inhibits bacteria, reducing unpleasant odors and preventing fiber degradation. In fact, bamboo fiber can eliminate up to 75% of bacteria within 24 hours, so it could protect your skin from allergies. The production of bamboo fiber is not only environmentally friendly but also biodegradable.


How to Select the Ideal Bamboo Fiber Quilt?

Because some bamboo fiber manufacturing is produced through a chemical process, so when choosing a bamboo fiber quilt, you need an assurance that you are sleeping on a safe quilt, please check the standard certification label, such as OEKO-TEX® or GB/T22796-2021, Indicates that it has been thoroughly tested for chemicals and is safe to use.

Ginkgo Leaf Pink Lightweight Reversible Quilt

What ownkotingng Bamboo Fiber Quilt Features?

Apart from the extraordinary qualities found in conventional bamboo fiber quilts, ownkotingng introduces a remarkable touch to your experience through its double-sided jacquard technology. This innovation ensures that your skin feels a close and intimate connection with the finely knit fabric. Each chic knitting pattern is meticulously stitched, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Furthermore, the widened hemming not only enhances the color palette but also boosts the durability of the quilt, making it more resistant to wear and tear

Floral Jacquard Soft Reversible Quilt

If you are troubled by the stuffy bedding in summer, try the bamboo fiber throw blanket, it will be a comfortable and environmentally friendly choice, and ownkotingng also provides you with flower double-sided design as always.

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