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Bamboo Fiber Quilts FAQs

Are Your Bamboo Quilts Organic?

Yes, our bamboo is grown and harvested to strict organic standards. We ensure that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used during the growing process, making our bamboo products not only sustainable but also safe and secure for the environment and customers.

Are Bamboo Quilts Cooler Than Cotton Quilts?

Yes, our bamboo quilts are generally cooler and more breathable than cotton quilts. Bamboo fiber has unique moisture-wicking properties that help regulate body temperature, keeping you comfortable all night long. This makes bamboo quilts an option for some people who prefer or live in warmer climates.

Will Bamboo Fiber Pill?

Natural fibers all have some potential for pilling. The smoothness of bamboo fiber makes it less likely to pill. Proper care, including gentle washing and avoiding excessive friction, can further reduce pilling. This ensures that your bamboo bedding remains smooth and comfortable over time.

Are Your Bamboo Fiber Products Stain-resistant?

Bamboo fiber itself is not stain-resistant, but its smooth fibers make it easier to clean and less likely to stain than other materials. If stains appear, treat them immediately and clean them according to the care instructions. This will help prevent stains from setting and keep your bamboo bedding looking fresh and new.

How do I Clean and Care For My Bamboo Products?

To take better care of your bamboo bedding, wash on a gentle cycle in cold water using a mild eco-friendly detergent when cleaning. Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners, which break down fibers and reduce the quality of fabrics. After cleaning it is recommended to hang dry for optimal care. Following these care instructions will help extend the life of your bamboo bedding.

How are Returns Or Exchanges Processed?

If you need to return or exchange an item, please contact us via our website or email and provide details of your order and the reason for the return or exchange. We will provide you with instructions on how to send your item back. Items must be in original condition unless the item is defective or not as described, in which case you may be responsible for return shipping costs.

Can Bamboo Quilts Be Used All Year Round?

Yes, bamboo quilts can be used year-round due to their excellent comfort, lightness, and breathability. Their unique temperature-regulating abilities make them a preferred bedding choice, ensuring you stay cool during the hot months and warm during the colder months. Its moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating features adapt to all seasons, providing an ideal sleeping environment year-round.

Are Bamboo Quilts Durable?

Yes, Bamboo quilts are known for their longevity. If well maintained, it can last about 15 years. Much of its durability is due to the special qualities of bamboo fibre, plus the fact that bamboo fibres have longer fibres than other materials. As a result, these long fibres help the fabric resist pilling and tearing, ensuring your quilt retains its softness and integrity over time.